Textbook Resources

To support the text a number of additional resources are collected here:

  • For instructors, instructions on how to access a slide set that can be used in the preparation of lectures, an inspection copy of the text, as well as other materials;
  • The Table of Contents, as well as book Introduction, to provide a high level overview of the book’s style and focus;
  • Four sample chapters drawn from the previous edition of the text;
  • An updated glossary of terms used in the text, which is widely used, based upon the number of times it has been pirated!;
  • Details on the different ways the book can be ordered, and the different paper and electronic versions.

You can get a feel for emerging informatics topics from the blog on this site, and keep track of my new research from the academic journals via the research publications link on the main menu.

Please do let us know if there are resources you’d like to see appear here, and we can but try to help.

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