Occupy Healthcare – Social media do have the potential to revolutionize medicine

May 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

Can you smell revolution in the air? Social media like Twitter and Facebook helped catalyze the Arab Spring, and the Occupy movement’s global protests. Social media are often beyond the control of government, and allow citizen groups to form, share information and respond more quickly and with greater reach than ever before. With so much disaffection with modern healthcare, will healthcare too soon have its own Arab spring? Will old power structures be taken apart, and the compact between clinician, patient, industry and government reassembled into something new?

This is a theme I explore in a Croakey Health Blog:


It is a companion to my BMJ paper Social networks, social media and social disease.

There is  a BMJ podcast to accompany the paper, and you can listen in on my commentary  which starts at 9.54 minutes into the audio recording.  The ABC Radio National Health Report also ran an interview on the topic and has both audio as well as a transcript.

Interesting times for healthcare I think ….

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