Reviews of the book


Reviews of the Guide to Health informatics (3rd Edition)

“Comprehensive. Timely. Readable. Interesting. Useful as a textbook and/or reference. Relevant. Highly recommended.

.. Dr. Coiera informs the reader in his introduction that the secret to informatics investigations is that one needs to ask,
1) What is the problem that we are trying to solve?
2) How will we know when we have succeeded?
3) Is technology the best solution, or are there simpler alternatives?
Making sure that the above questions are asked is the author’s goal in this text. This is done in a very readable and interesting fashion.

.. It is this reviewer’s opinion that this text is useful as a textbook and/or reference. It could easily serve the purpose as a textbook for an undergraduate biomedical engineering elective course, followed by, if possible, a course in database development. The text is highly relevant to engineers working in medicine, and is thus highly recommended.”

IEEE Pulse May/June 2016 p58-9

(Full review available here)


Reviews of the Guide to Health informatics (2nd Edition)

“A simply brilliant introduction to this fast developing field which is comprehensive, up-to-date, and at the same time sophisticated… It should be read by all healthcare professionals.”

2004 British Medical Association (BMA) Medical Book Competition (awarded a High)


Reviews of the Guide to Medical informatics, the Internet and Telemedicine (1st Edition)

“required reading for every physician intending to enter a fellowship program in medical informatics, and it is also highly recommended to every doctor and medical student interested in this emerging medical specialty


an “elegant and lucid textbook… 4 stars (excellent)”

British Medical Journal

“immensely readable and practical … this is an insightful book which presents thought-provoking challenges for us all”

Medical Journal of Australia

” I believe that there is no other book on medical informatics that is as wide ranging or as readable as this one…Coiera has set out to give us a book which is both comprehensive and relevant to practical clinical work while being lively and widely accessible. In my judgment he has succeeded.”

Cancer Nursing Journal.

” Very lucid, written in straightforward language, easily understood by a non-technical person, this (is an) excellent introduction to informatics” Denis Anthony, School of Health, Faculty of Medicine, Univ of Birmingham, UK.

Nursing Standard.

“Coiera not only provides a clear vision of the future of health informatics but also gives the reader a lucid introduction to some fundamental concepts. This is definitely the next book anyone should invest in when he or she wants to learn more about health informatics”

South African Medical Journal

“most clinicians know very little about what computers could do in a clinical setting and have therefore not been able to guide the development of systems down a clinical path. This book could help change that… I propose that in each hospital a consultant should take a special interest in IT and that a copy of this book be presented to them.”

The British Journal of Psychiatry


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