Sample Chapters

If you wish to preview the text there are a number of options:

  • You can request an inspection copy if you intend to use the book in your course;
  • You can browse sample pages using the “Look inside” feature for kindle version e.g. via Amazon
  • I’ve collected together chapters from the 2nd older edition here, to give a sense of style and content. Please note that these samples are indeed old, and in the current text every chapter has been updated, many drastically, and many new chapters have been added.
  • Chapter 1 on Models, introduces foundational concepts needed to understand how technology interacts with the world;
  • Chapter 4 on Communication introduces foundational concepts for human and for machine communication;
  • Chapter 17 covers Terminologies, an essential information system building block when we wish to share information at the semantic level;
  • Chapter 25 introduces Clinical decision support systems, a topic which is radically updated in the current edition.

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